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Frank has been chosen as a recipient for the 2003 Inkpot Award. The Inkpots are the San Diego Comic-Con's own
special award for lifetime achievement in comics.
Imagine finding the original artist on Solar and imagine he wants to meet with you to talk about it! My dream came true when I got a chance to meet Frank Bolle.

Welcome to the World of Frank Bolle

Bolle was born and raised in New York City. An inveterate doodler he remembers that as a child he drew on any scrap of paper he could find. He went to the High School of Music and Art.

And then served with the Army Air Force from 1943 to 1946. After the war, Bolle found work in the booming comic book industry while attending Pratt Institute to continue his studies where he graduated with honors.

Frank Bolle

Frank is one of the most prolific comic book artists of all time, with his career starting in
1948 (a mere ten years after the dawn of the Golden Age and 8 full years before the Silver Age began) and going straight through to today.

Bolle started at Magazine Enterprises illustrating westerns, Tim Holt, Redmask and Best of the West. He designed and illustrated Childrens' records and albums. He worked for Western Publishing, Illustrating dozens of books from the "Golden Books" to Sherlock Holmes and other Adventure novels. He also did science fiction comic books like Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon and Dr. Solar (Man of the Atom). His best remembered superhero
Is "Doctor Solar, Man Of The Atom".

While working for Western Publishing. They asked him to illustrate Grimm's Ghost Stories, Boris Karloff's Tales of Mystery and Rod Sterling's Twilight Zone. Around the same time, Bolle began writing and drawing Childrens'Tales. A Syndicate Sunday feature with original stories and adapted fairy tale classics.

Bolle drew The Heart of Juliet Jones for King Feature from 1982 to 1999, and the long- running soap-opera strip Winnie Winkle dailies and Sundays for twenty years.

Apartment 3-G

Veteran artist Frank Bolle now draws APARTMENT 3-G, one
of the nation's most enduring soap-opera comic strips. APARMENT 3-G details the adventures of three young career women who share an apartment in New York City.

The remarkable strip was one of the first realistic portrayals of working women in the comic pages. King Features Syndicate distributes it to more than 100 newspapers nationwide and international.

Frank Bolle Lives in Weston, CT. He is a member National Cartoonist Society. He is president of Connecticut Classic Arts. Frank loves to paint and does pet portraits by commission. He has won a number of awards for his watercolors plus three Grumbacher Gold Medallions.

"I think if I laid all my pages end to end.
They would go from here to the moon!"
Frank Bolle

Frank Bolle Studio